Seven 7 to many people might be just a number. But to us seven is malleable, it can be sounds as even (齐), arise (起) and life essence (气). Which symbolizes togetherness and building good relationships. We are open minded, creative and constantly exploring.

At Sevens Café, we are all about enhancing your senses. We created a bespoke place for endless conversations, relationships, great food, pastries and of course great coffee.

Nestled at the heart of the charming streets of eastern Singapore. 7s Cafe is a customer centric yet cafe centered concept with a focus on modern Australian cuisine. At 7s Cafe we celebrate the diverse flavors from the coffee beans we carry to the dishes of savoury cafe classics and our artisan sweets and bakes.

With thoughtfully designed interiors, lush surroundings, friendly service and generous portions drives our team to provide our customers an F&B establishment for hearty breakfast, high teas, romantic dates and a place for intimate gatherings.

Sevens Cafe